The online farm Game, Hay Day Online is free to play. You can play it on MySpace or Facebook. Most people seem to prefer to play this virtual farm game on Facebook. Its creator is Slash-key, it can be a fun game to play but can be very addictive.

The purpose of the game is to grow seeds, harvest and plow. Using the tools available. You earn farm coins as you work and also XP (experience points). The more XP you have the higher your level. The higher the level the more things in the store become unlocked such as better seeds, tools, buildings, decorations, animals etc. There are two ways to buy things in the store Farm Coins; you are awarded farm coins for all the work you do on your farm or on others farms. Farm Cash which you are given when you first start the game and are awarded one more each time you go up a level. Some things you buy in the store are Farm Cash only so you have to choose wisely what you are going to purchase with your Farm Cash because it can easily be used up. You can purchase more Farm Cash through Hay Day Online payment methods using pay pal or credit card or fill in surveys or other promotions through Hay Day Online. You need a separate email address for this because you will get bombarded with Junk mail. clash of clans game
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You can expand your farm as you earn more Farm Coins enabling you to grow more seeds, plant more trees or put flowers on your farm. The bigger the farm the more you can grow and harvest, the more XP and coins you earn. At present you can have up to 8 farms to manage. You can buy facilities (shops, restaurants and factories), you put all the things you have produced on your farm or you have got from working on others farms into these to make more products and make more money.

The best way to earn more Farm Coins and XP when you first begin is to visit your neighbours and help them out or go to the market place and meet new people and work on their farms. If you like being sociable you can chat to them while you work and get to know them. If you prefer to work quietly on your own farm then you can enable the offline mode and nobody can see you even if you go to the market place.

You can choose to have your farm as a working farm or you can just make it look nice. As I have 8 farms I keep my 8th farm as a non working farm and it’s just for decoration. You can do lots of cool things like make waterfalls, beaches, 3D effects or make flowers or trees into pictures. This list is endless. I do advise that you keep all farms as working farms until you reach the higher levels and earn plenty of income from your farms. That’s not to say that you can’t decorate your farm some what and still have it as a working farm.

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Hello Kitty Balloon Pop: This game is a great way to get everyone involved in the party. Children have plenty of energy so allow them to put it to good use. Hello Kitty Balloon Pop is a fun game that requires players to pop pink, white and other colored balloons in the hopes of finding small letters (placed before blowing up the balloons on small sheets of paper). The object of the game is to find the letters that spell out Hello Kitty first, each balloon should contain a letter.The player who first pops the balloons, collects the letters, and reveals they have all the letters is the winner. Reward the winner with a special party favor. Another way of playing the game is to spell out other characters from the cartoon. For example, have the players find the letter that spell Chococat with dark brown balloons and so on.

My Melody Almond Race. My Melody favorite food is almond pound cake. Celebrate My Melody’s favorite food by playing a fun game with almonds. The game itself is very easy to play and guests of all ages should enjoy it. Spilt the players up into two team and line them up in a row.There should be bowls placed on both ends of the party area one side with almonds and one side with empty bowls. On go, the first player in each line grabs a handful of almonds and passes to the next player, who then passes to the next player and so forth. Most people will find that doing it fast is as important as not dropping the almonds. Every almond dropped must be picked up. The winning team is the first team to move all of the almonds from one area to the other.

Find My Twin. Place pictures of Hello Kitty Game characters on the backs of each of the party guests. The object of the game is to find the player who has the same picture. To find out who they are the guests must ask yes and no questions to solve the mystery and find their twin. Hello Kitty classics such as musical chairs, Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty, and freeze dance are also fun options. One can never have too many friends and the same can be said for party games as well. Drive a little girl crazy with excitement by having her a super fun and super cute Hello Kitty party complete with party games, Hello Kitty party supplies and invitations.

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